Enjoy the nature of the lake or the coastline from out on the water, in a way that doesn't impact on the beauty and the wildlife, or other people. 

Fun for families, for team events, kick-off meetings or sporting groups.

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We have a choice of two different styles of water cycle - the UP and the RECUMBENT. 

The UP is sitting in a position exactly the same as a regular bike, upright and with pedals, handlebar and seat in the usual way. Balancing is not an issue as the two red inflated floats support you. It is in fact, easier than riding a bike!

If you would feel more comfortable in a position lower on the cycle, with legs peddling in an extended motion as you sit in a larger seat with back support, then choose the RECUMBENT option. It still offers the same extremely safe and sturdy ride.

We provide lifejackets in sizes to securely fit all, as you would expect for any watersports, but you can easily experience the water on our Water Cycles without actually getting wet. You can wear whatever clothes you feel most comfortable in and to suit the conditions, although you may find you can get a little splashed, so perhaps not your best town shoes!


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